We are fortunate to find ourselves in one of the best places on earth to do cutting-edge research in the biological and biomedical sciences, the Whitehead Institute, at MIT. The Broad Institute is right next door and the MIT Cancer Center is across the street. We work in close proximity to, and have active collaborations with, many labs at MIT, Harvard, Boston University, and other wonderful institutions in the area. Research enterprises of Novartis, Amgen, Biogen Idec, and dozens of smaller companies are located within a short walk of our lab and many more are in the immediate area.

We greatly value the ways in which collaboration and collegiality can empower individual achievement. We seek scientists with a generous spirit, who enjoy discussing their newest findings, sharing ideas, reagents and expertise, and mentoring younger scientists. These characteristics, together with a strong desire to tackle fundamental problems and make important contributions are determining factors in our accepting people into the lab.

We also believe that diversity enhances creativity. We welcome applications from scientists with many different backgrounds and lifestyles. Current lab members have training in subjects as diverse as molecular biology, genetics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, infectious diseases, cancer, protein biochemistry, computer science, population genetics, and neurobiology and neuropathology. They hail from many different cultural backgrounds and countries.

In the current financial environment, we do take into account fellowship eligibility for postdocs and the likelihood of a successful application. Information about our environment, lab philosphy, and application procedures are below.



Whitehead Institute Voted Best Place for Postdocs to Work for 2013  (The Scientist)

The Whitehead Institute has long been an extraordinary place to do cutting-edge biomedical research. It is now also at the forefront of increasing salaries and benefits to postdoctoral fellows and associates.

There is typically a 9-12 month wait for postdocs to join the lab. If you would like to apply, please arrange for a cover letter, your CV, and three letters of reference (electronic mail is preferred) to be sent to Brooke Bevis at bevis@wi.mit.edu.

Graduate Students

MIT Ranked Top University for Life Sciences Worldwide 2010-11  (Times Higher Education)

Graduate students enter our lab via one of the academic units of MIT, for example:



MIT UROPS: Information about proposals and deadlines for MIT undergraduate research opportunities (UROPs) is available from the UROP website.  Ideally we expect a long-term commitment to a research project, two academic years and a summer. UROPs will start out receiving credit for the first term and pay thereafter if the project works out and both sides wish to continue.

To apply as a UROP, please contact Brooke Bevis (bevis@wi.mit.edu) with CV and research interests.

We regret that we are unable to accept undergraduate or graduate students who do not apply through MIT or other partner program.

**Please note: if you don’t hear back from us it is likely because we haven’t received a reference letter (advisor’s letters are particularly important).  If you would like an update on your application status, please contact Brooke Bevis directly or lindquist_admin@wi.mit.edu, in an emergency.