Whitehead Member Susan Lindquist is a pioneer in the study of protein folding. She has shown that changes in protein folding can have profound and unexpected influences in fields as wide-ranging as human disease, evolution and nanotechnology.

Lindquist is a Member and former Director (2001-2004) of Whitehead Institute, a Professor of Biology at MIT, and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. Previously she was the Albert D. Lasker Professor of Medical Sciences from 1999-2001, and a Professor in the Department of Molecular Biology, University of Chicago, since 1978. She received a PhD in Biology from Harvard University in 1976, and was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1997, the National Academy of Sciences in 1997 and the Institute of Medicine in 2006.

To hear more about Susan’s research in her own words, you can view some of her lectures and interviews below.

ISSCR, Vancouver, June 2014:
From Yeast Cells to Human Neurons — Modeling Complex Protein Folding Diseases

Molecular Frontiers Symposium, Stockholm, May 2014:
From Yeast Cells to Patient Neurons: A Powerful Discovery Platform

AAAS Plenary Lecture, February 2014:
From Yeast Cells to Patient Neurons: A Powerful Discovery Platform for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases

BBC World Changing Ideas Interview, May 2013:
Simpler Solutions for Unlocking Secrets of Ageing Minds

E.B. Wilson Award Lecture, ASCB, December 2012:
Hsp90 Chaperone Scultpting Evolutionary Change: A Quantitative Genetic and Proteomic View

Interview About E.B. Wilson Award, ASCB, December 2012:
Interview with Susan Lindquist

A Celebration of Science Lecture, Washington D.C., September 2012:
The Protein Folding Problem

Molecular Frontiers Symposium, Stockholm, May 2011:
Lamarck Redux: Prions, Hsp90, and the Inheritance of Environmentally Acquired Traits

2009 National Medal of Science

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